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Why join the AVISTO Eastern Europe Team

Career in AEE

We will work on and invest in your development

You will have the opportunity to steer your own career towards technical expertise, project management or technical management. We embrace the ideas and suggestions of our employees and do our best to align their wishes with the company needs.

You will work with the newest technologies

Thanks to our long term partnerships with industry leading companies, we are involved in the development projects with the newest technologies. Today, we are working on the products that will be available in 1 or 2 years. Moreover, our engineers often have leading roles in project organization.

You will have the opportunity to work on site with our partners

As our partners belong to well-known international companies, you will have contact with them on a day to day basis or will work directly at their sites based in France, Germany, USA, India, China, Japan, Norway, Austria, Taiwan, Italy, Switzerland...

You will be trained by our experts in Serbia or abroad

Trainings are very important part of the career development. You will receive the training as a rump-up for every project you will be working on.
Also, we organize internal trainings where you will be able to build your knowledge in various domains.

You will cooperate with our colleagues from ADVANS GROUP

AVISTO Eastern Europe is a part of ADVANS GROUP, which gathers engineers from France, Germany, USA, United Kingdom, Serbia, Bulgaria, India and more. You will often work on projects together with colleagues from the group.

Social Life in AEE

Working environment

Joining AVISTO Eastern Europe means you will work in Belgrade’s modern business center in comfortable and fully-equipped office space. Moreover you will join the company with great working atmosphere and a lot of out of office activities.

Team buildings

Our employees enjoy dynamic team buildings: paintball, bowling, hiking, rowing, carting, extreme sports… Also they have a chance to engage in organized sport activities every week: football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, yoga…

Language learning

Young and ambitious AVISTO team is eager for knowledge. Therefore, teachers from one of the best language schools in Belgrade come to our offices to teach them a new language or improve their knowledge of the one they already speak.


All companies of ADVANS GROUP have a tradition of organizing seminars. AVISTO Eastern Europe organizes company seminars together with ELSYS Eastern Europe.  Engineers of both companies also attend group seminars where employees from the whole ADVANS GROUP are present. This is a great opportunity for employees to know each other better, meet colleagues from the group and have a good time together with cultural visits, sport activities and parties. Respecting cultural diversity of the group and always going for new and unique experience, our seminars have made some unforgettable moments in Beijing, Malta, Alps etc.

Making friends

This many activities are absolutely necessary in order to burn all the sugar from our kitchen since our colleagues love to celebrate and share their happy moments with the cakes and sweets. A beer after work or casual weekend barbecues are just some of the examples how the team spirit is spread outside of work and how a good professional relationship can lead to a good personal relationship.  
You can catch a part of the atmosphere we are talking about on the ELSYS Eastern Europe Facebook page.


If you wish to become part of our team do not hesitate to send us your CV!