Relationships with Universities

Relationships with Universities and Student Organizations

Over the last years, we have been highly involved in the Universities life in order to present our values, expertise and know-how to future graduates. This includes:

  • Help students in choosing their career path after graduation

During first decade AVISTO gain huge amount of experience working with major companies from different industries (transportation, telecommunication, medical, automotive etc). We have had insight in trends on market and we have reliable prospections in which way will go, so we are trying with university staff to align study curriculums with its needs.

  • Help students to do their bachelor and master thesis

During collaboration with world-class vendors, every day we are facing with fact that industry is dynamic place with new topics that are coming every day to us. We are giving our best to present these topics to students and to motivate them to master this knowledge.

  • Organize summer internships, where the students have the opportunity to know more about professional life, by having trainings and working on our internal projects

During three months mentor-driven process, students have opportunity to see how real projects give results. They start with specification and in the end they have product which has market-value. They will use knowledge from different areas and implement in one project.

  • Have open days and welcome students interested to see

We love to incorporate new people in our team. One of first step to get to know us is OpenDay. It is unique chance for students to spend one day in our working environment, to feel atmosphere, try some experiments in our laboratories, see everyday activities of our people and realize what the benefits of working for our company are.

We collaborate with Universities & student organizations in our region

By participating to Universities programs and by sponsoring students’ organizations, we facilitate future graduates’ entry into working life. Here is a list of entities we partner with:

  • University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering
  • University of Novi Sad, Faculty of technical sciences
  • University of Nis, Faculty of Electronic Engineering
  • EESTEC LC Belgrade - Electrical Engineer Students European Association
  • EESTEC LC Novi Sad - Electrical Engineer Students European Association
  • EESTEC LC Nis - Electrical Engineer Students European Association
  • BEST LBG Belgrade - Board of European Students of Technology
  • BEST LBG Nis - Board of European Students of Technology
  • SUETF Belgrade - Studentska Unija Elektrotehnickog fakulteta
  • SSEF Nis - Student Alliance of the Faculty of Electronics
  • ADEF Beograd Udruzanje diplomaca francuskog visokoobrazovnog sistema
  • AIESEC Beograd - Medjunarodna organizacija za razmenu studenata ekonomije
  • SICEF Nis - Students Innovation Center of Faculty of Electronic Engineering