Social Responsibility Management

Social Responsibility Management

As a company specializing in complex projects for well-known international companies and global market leaders, we recognized the need to maintain the level of our behavior and conduct in line with the internationally recognized social responsibility principles, in order to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. We operate under a value system that includes integrity, sound ethics and lawful conduct. Our work should always be driven and guided by these fundamental values.

ISO26000-SR10 Standard

To this end we decided to certify our good work practice and be among the first companies in Serbia to get ISO 26000/SR 10 certified.

ISO 26000 is a standard that contains information and recommendations to assist companies in adopting socially responsible practices. SR10 gives the specification enabling to translate this framework into daily practices through a set of policies and procedures.

And in June 2016, we have got the recommendation from certified bodies to get SR 10 certificate.

We believe this certificate, as an internationally recognized demonstration of commitment to socially responsible behavior will allow us to stand out from the competition and positively strengthen our image with all our stakeholders - employees, owners, customers, providers, government, competitors, society and environment as a whole.