Application Software Development

Software Engineers at Avisto Eastern Europe have extensive experience with wide range of application software technologies and tools.

We are often responsible for developing complete solutions for customers, but sometimes our engineers contribute to projects as members of other teams. Our customer base is broad and it spreads from start-up companies to multi-national companies.

We cover all stages of software development life cycle, from requirements analysis, through iterative development process to testing and creating documentation.

Our application software engineers have the skills and experience to perform the necessary steps in the application software development including:

  • Web Application Development, which includes using backend frameworks such as Symfony (PHP), ASP.NET MVC (.NET) as well as frontend programming HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, ExtJS, Ajax, etc.
  • Complex Web Sites Development utilizing wide range of Content Management Systems (TYPO3, Drupal, Joomla, etc.)
  • Desktop Application Development using technologies such as Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), etc.
  • Web Services Development utilizing SOAP and Windows Communication Foundation technology (WCF), RESTful Web Services
  • Mobile Application Development.
  • We are experienced with various relational databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite as well as with NoSQL databases such as Mongo. This also includes performance tuning and query optimization
  • Shell Scripting using bash, PHP, TCL/Expect
  • Data Warehouse, ETL.
  • Quality Assurance, Continuous Integration (Jenkins), Infrastructure Maintenance, Infrastructure Monitoring, Consulting and Mentoring
  • In our work we use all major Version Control Systems such as SVN, Git, Source Safe, etc.
  • Various aspects of Software Testing which includes writing unit tests, functional tests and load tests
  • Software development in iterations using Agile methodologies such as SCRUM.
  • We write software using numerous programming languages: PHP, C#, C/C++, Java Script, Perl, Python, Java etc.
  • We also produce end user documentation and developer documentation allowing our customers to easily use and/or customize solution.

S-N-S Administration

System Engineers at Avisto Eastern Europe have a wealth of experience with a broad range administrative tasks focusing on Software, Network & Systems Support/Administration.

The team works in a wide field of tasks, mainly focusing on System & Network Administration, Software Configuration Management and Support. Working in a multicultural Client Environment with high sensitive Data and Systems is common for the daily workload. The high demand from our customers and responsibility for quality and service let the team strive further and evolve with the customers’ needs.

We address any customer need for Software Development environment from Network Analysis, to System Requirement and Setup, furthermore Software Configuration Management with many tools from the market, self-developed solutions to enhance existing tools to Build Management and Support of the existing infrastructure and assets for software development teams.

Our engineers have the skills and experience to perform the necessary steps in complex Networks and Systems including:

  • Software Configuration Management and Version Control with IBM Rational Clearcase (UCM), GIT, SVN, CVS.
  • Multisite Administration for IBM Rational Clearcase, including a self-constructed Multisite Tool to monitor the health of replicas.
  • Client – Server Application Administration
  • Support & Help Desk for our provided solutions including 24/7 Support of your Business Critical Applications
  • Shell, Perl, Python, Javascript & PHP Scripting to automatize reoccurring tasks like backup and environment cleanup tasks
  • Websphere, Tomcat & Apache Administration
  • DB2 & MySQL DB Administration including Database design
  • Network Environment Administration and Monitoring with Nagios e.g.
  • Build Optimization and Build Management for customer Continuous Integration
  • We are working with many operation systems in heterogeneous Networks, for example Solaris, Linux RH & SL and Windows.

Embedded software

Avisto Eastern Europe embedded team is experienced in planning and developing embedded systems for various hardware platforms of different architecture and complexity. Starting from “8051 compatible” microcontrollers, with relatively limited resources, to more complex ARM based 32 bit processors, capable of supporting demanding protocols and applications. Our engineers have experience in all phases of an embedded system development.

  • Hardware and software feasibility study
  • Defining the software architecture, partitioning and module specification
  • Bootloader and low level drivers necessary for the board bring up
  • Configuring and porting operating systems on a given platform : Linux, eCos, RTAI, FreeRTOS
  • Writing firmware for real-time OS and protocols with very strict time constraints (Assembly/C)
  • Adding middleware libraries on top of an OS to enable communication with user applications (C/C++)
  • Integration and optimization of applications for specific embedded system
  • Writing tools for automated tests and code validation (Python, Shell scripts)
  • Functional, stress, performance testing and benchmarks
  • Very good knowledge of all layers of the network protocol stack
  • Very good knowledge of Version Control tools (Git, SVN, CVS, mercurial)

The team is capable of doing the whole development cycle as well as performing any specific task in the development process.