Market Positioning

Market Positioning


Expert in object oriented programming (Java, JEE, C/C ++, C #, Objective-C), AViSTO’s know-how covers the entire life cycle of a software – collection of needs, specifications, architecture, modeling, development, integration, deployment and validation.

Due to its software publishing experience (NemSiS framework) AViSTO has a unique ability to understand customer issues and to propose solutions to them. Positioned at the forefront of object oriented programming and used to pushing the latest software frameworks to their limits, AViSTO advises and accompanies its customers in their technical choices


Technical expertise is a necessity, but is not enough. Each project has its specific industrial constraints that need to be respected to enable successful developments.

AViSTO engineers dedicate all their technical expertise to follow the customer’s specifications. This includes the mastering of Agile software development methodologies ensuring optimal responsiveness to new requests.


AViSTO has chosen to organize its technical teams by technical functions, with clearly defined roles:

  • Skill leaders guarantee the technical know-how. They write internal processes, enforce them and provide support to project leaders.
  • Project leaders set the schedules of their teams, allocate workload and follow its progress by ensuring the proper application of the methodologies described by skill leaders. They also provide reporting to customers.
  • Technical experts are involved in projects as needed; they answer the requests of project managers and skill leaders.
  • Designers make developments under the leadership of project managers.

This technical organization enables the maintenance and the enhancement of skills within AViSTO. Engineers regularly acquire experience and are offered real career opportunities; they therefore feel deeply involved within their company.