As an intern in Avisto Eastern Europe, I worked on an enterprise project in a professional business environment for the first time. I also enjoyed working in a nice atmosphere surrounded by colleagues who are always ready to help.

Tamara Marčetić

Junior Application Software Engineer

Having graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Avisto Eastern Europe was a perfect place and a logical next step for me. During the internship I had the opportunity to see the whole production lifecycle for the first time. What is even more important I was mentored and lead by experienced engineers. In my opinion, social aspect is an inseparable part of successful work in a complex system, which I admire the most in Avisto Eastern Europe.

Nikola Jevremović

Junior Embedded Software Engineer

Internship is a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn about Embedded systems. Excellent mentors and working environment.

Ljiljana Ćorković

Junior Embedded Software Engineer

My internship lasted from November 2018 to February 2019. In that period, I learned a lot of new things including GIT and working in Linux environment. People were polite and always ready to help if needed. Also, darts tournament helped in getting to know people a little better.

Nikola Nešković

Junior Embedded Software Engineer

During my internship, I have learned a lot considering that I previously did not know much about embedded programming. The fact that I had the opportunity to use and wire actual physical devices for the first time, instead of using simulations as on the Faculty, was fascinating for me. The team I joined was great, comprised of very interesting people and the overall internship atmosphere was excellent.

Bodin Matejić

Junior Embedded Software Engineer

Balanced relationship between employees and management as well as the freedom to state your honest opinion surprised me most when I first joined the company. It is good when positive criticism and open communication are encouraged, as well as when management has the intention to hear employees' point of view and act accordingly.

Goran Marić

Application Software Engineer

During the last two years of my employment at Avisto Eastern Europe I have learned a lot in the field of Business Intelligence and Databases. Furthermore, together with a mentor we have implemented a web application whose main purpose is to monitor the use of licenses by administrators. Working without stress and with great mentors, made my work easier and contributed to greater productivity.

Jelena Nikolić

Junior Application Software Engineer

Being employed at Avisto Eastern Europe completely changed my work perception and gave it a whole other meaning. Work without pressure is a different concept of the one I had before. Exceptional people and experts in their field of work are what makes this company a great opportunity for professional and personal growth. Hopefully I'll make the most out of this chance. Thank you all!

Vladimir Kočiš Tubić

Software Tester