Selection process

Avisto Eastern Europe selection process is designed to secure the best match in terms of company needs, expectations and career goals of future employees. We strongly believe that we are not the right company for any software engineer, however perfect for some.

1. Application Screening & Selection

Reviewing the applications by education and experience requirements and shortlist of right applicants for a particular position.

2. Preliminary Interview

Exchange of basic information, and assessment of an applicant's goals, skills, and qualifications toward our needs.

3. Assessment

An integral part of the preliminary interview. It determines whether or not the requirements of the position are being met.

4. Technical Interview

Related to the technical knowledge required for the exact role. Some questions might focus less on technical knowledge, more on how you think.

5. Shortlisting group

The most qualified candidates for the approval of higher management.

6. Final Interview

Two or three candidates will usually meet with the CEO who decides who is the best fit for our company.

7. Evaluation

We dedicate time, energy and effort to truly comprehend applicants career intentions and evaluate it in respect to the company requirements.

8. Offer of Employment

After a verbal job offer, the selected candidate will receive the formal offer on the email address and sign the contract.

Therefore, our goal is to be a perfect employer for our employees and provide them an environment suitable for both personal and professional growth. In order to secure the above stated, we dedicate time, energy and effort to truly understand the applicants’ career intentions and evaluate it in relation to the company requirements. After all, we are all employees and we have built Avisto Eastern Europe together as a great company to work at  and growth.

If all the above mentioned has sparked your interest, do not hesitate to reach out and send us your application. Avisto Eastern Europe also provides full training to its employees in Serbia or in France, depending on the area of work and the level of required expertise.