Application Software

You want to create or enhance a modern and scalable Web application? Or maybe you need assistance in making a rich yet stable desktop application? You are searching for intuitive and smart Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution? Give us a call. A day without our expertise is a day lost for your project.

Web Application & Web Services

Building Web applications and Web services is our bread and butter. For years we’ve been using today’s mainstream technologies such as Java Spring, ASP.NET MVC, PHP Symfony and Angular. If you are interested in Scalable and Safe cloud solutions hosted in Azure or AWS environment, look no further. Avisto is here for you.

Desktop Application

Desktop applications are still a preferred choice in the industry but they require complex GUI and prompt user experience. We are creating Windows desktop applications using Microsoft .NET technologies such as Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). When clients want simple desktop solutions in short time, we are using Microsoft Access and VBA technologies.

Data Warehouse and BI Solutions

In any IT environment there are always a number of complex systems that deal with a huge amount of data. We have expertise in creating solutions for data analysis, data mining and predictive analytics. We also provide reports that help in day to day as well as in strategic business decision-making processes. For these projects we are using Microsoft SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Azure and Power BI technologies as well as Informatica ETL tool.

We strive to fully understand our client's requirements and business domain. Only then are we able to implement SW solutions that will enhance their operations.

Aleksandar Maletić
Application software Domain Lead