From project management and support to maintenance and automation, we provide expertise and solutions for our partners and customers. This allows for secure development and deployment of products throughout their workflow. Avisto makes it happen!

Project management

Managing product development and deployment creates an efficient workflow. This in turn saves time, effort, and money! Using Agile methodology, we improve inter-team communication and bring together operational and development engineering to the table.

Flow automation

Implementing automation of continuing deployment, testing and feedback with a goal to speed-up the development process.

Customer support

Managing central incident management (1st, 2nd and 3rd level of support) as well as on-call incident management (24/7 support for all levels).

Commercial tools administration

Administration and maintenance for versioning tools (GitLab, Git / Gerrit, ClearCase), bug trucking tools (JIRA, Redmine), CI / CD tools (Jenkins, GitLab Runners), container and container orchestration tools (Docker, Kubernetes), binary management tools (Artifactory, Nexus).

Custom tools development

Out of the box solutions – application on top of versioning tools ( Git / Gerrit, ClearCase), plugins (Jenkins, Gerrit) application based on webhook capability of commercial tools (GitLab, Jenkins, JIRA).

Script development

Development of standalone or flow automation scripts (Python, Perl, Shell).

Every day is a never-ending search for a tool and solution that makes our development environment more efficient than the day before.

Danilo Skorković
DevOps Domain Lead