Quality Assurance

We provide customers with quality products together with our customers. The way we are doing that is by employing our knowledge, expertise and devotion to the same values.

Functional testing

Help customer to achieve the best quality for their products. Creating test frameworks. Test plan creation. Test plan execution. Test results visualization. Bug tracking

GUI testing

Automated GUI testing using state-of-the-art test frameworks.

Regression testing

Due to the employment of a very high level of test automation in each step of the test cycle, we achieve very short test time.

Test automation

We recognized test automation as the most important part of the test cycle. We employ the most advanced techniques and tools for SW development in the test. Have a wide experience in programming languages, WEB development, SW development techniques, databases, embedded SW, operating systems, etc.

Tests results visualization

Due to the high level of test automation and the amount of data produced during a single test cycle, test results visualization is one of the key components in a successful test system aiming to be adopted very fast by the developers, as well as the test engineers and managers. To achieve the required quality level we employ state-of-the-art tools and techniques for development. We developed our in-house, modular tool for test visualization results.

Design SW test environments and test execution by employing cutting edge technologies for fast, reliable and easy interpretable test results.

Zoran Milosavljević
QA Domain Lead