Embedded Software

Software development for Embedded Systems from low level to middleware and applications in order to enable full functionality and maintenance of the system. Avisto ESW team provides architecture or updates of existing solutions. We offer proof of the concept followed by specification for individual tasks. Source code developed using Continuous integration with strict coding rules, mandatory reviews and daily regressions. Project management tools synchronized with repository, having wiki and integrated bugzilla also accessible by client.

BSP Board support package

Board brings up, starting from toolchain generation, if necessary, over build system, to bootloader and OS porting. On-board debugging.

OS Porting

OS Porting and stress tests on hardware platforms or emulation platforms. Optimization for latency or bandwidth.

Device Drivers

Writing device drivers for new peripherals, or porting them from one OS to another. Linux, RTOS.

Real-time protocols

Real-time protocols implementation on the top of an OS or on a bare metal platform. Providing the hardware abstraction layer to link it together. Preparing for certification tests, functional testing.

Programmable Logic Controller

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) firmware development. Industrial automation protocols.

Understanding customer goals makes our starting point. We deliver code through strict and controlled methodology with client's access on the process.

Aleksandar Čečarić
Embedded software Domain Lead